DJ Tips: Where to buy Rane mixer knobs


Hey DJ pals, how many times have you lost a fader or volume knob to a mixer, much less arrive at a club and all of the mixer knobs are missing!  For the more seasoned DJs, I know for a fact that this has happened to you.

The fader knobs on my Rane mixer are all worn out so I decided to change mine.  The problem is, it’s pretty damn hard to find a site that has replacements! Every other Google search and forum pointed me toward Turntable Lab but they’ve been sold out.  The Rane website didn’t even have any!

After much arduous online digging, I finally found a site (well, it’s acutally an Ebay store) that sold them.  The company is called FP Logistics. Take a look at their inventory.  In addition to the knobs, they have a slew of other reasonably priced DJ essentials.

I should also add that they ship fast!  I got mine 2 days after ordering it!

…knowledge has been dropped.  Use it wisely!