Gentleman’s Rant: Why it is important to have great photos on your website

I hope my featured image got your attention. Can I preach for a second?  I need to get something off my chest.

Web design has been my livelihood for several years now and I keep encountering the same old adage when it comes to presenting my work to a client. The site doesn’t “pop”.

First of all, WTF does POP even mean.  Can someone please describe this to me in design terms. To paraphrase that dude from The Oatmeal, “I don’t know how to design websites based on someone else’s feelings.”

My team and I spend relentless hours perfecting our craft by paying attention to every minute detail.  Be it creating a responsive design that is cross browser friendly or a changing a color when hovering over a link.  We work on that shit!

This brings me to my case in point (…and if you’re looking to build a website or have a website pay attention to what I’m about to tell you). Photo’s make the website!

As web developers, we are responsible for developing the cookie cutter of the website. You, the website owner, are responsible for filling that cookie cutter with the right ingredients (or in this case content) to make sure that the cookie looks and taste great. Please allow me to illustrate with some web design samples:

The sin of bad composition

Here is the screen shot of a website I recently designed.  Pay attention to the main image.


Look’s pretty good and clean, huh? Now take a look at the same website with a crap photo.


See the difference? Composition is everything. A garbage photo is a garbage photo no matter what resolution you give it.

The Sin of bad quality

Here’s an example of my friend’s sunglasses website.  Pay attention to the the product photos.

sample 3

Now let’s take a look at one of my client’s websites and the quality of their product images.


Ask a dumb question, but which products look more appealing? If you said the 2nd, then you need a baseball bat to the eyes. It might correct your vision.


At the end of the day, you have to properly understand the responsibilities of a web designer.  Our job is to create the framework for your site and to make sure it functions properly.  The guts of your site are really on you, the site owner.  So don’t get mad at us if your site still looks like shit after we’re done with it.  We did our job.  You now have to take responsibility for your part of the deal and upload quality content.  You know, stuff that you can truly be proud of. That stuff you feel is an exceptional representation of your brand.

I pray the SEO gods look at this post and push it to the top of search result pages.  Future website owners need to know and understand the responsibilities of a web designer. You can try to make an ugly hoe look pretty.  At the end of the day, she’s still an ugly hoe.

Please excuse my lack of creative vernacular on this post and thanks for indulging my rant.  As always, you know who to call when you need a website.

In closing, allow me to quote the great Don Magic Juan in saying, “Preach! Church! Tabernacle!”