Horrible DJ/Promoter Videos! How To Make A Good Viral Video

Horrible DJ/Promoter Videos

*DISCLAIMER: I’m calling out DJs and promoters specifically in this post but this applies to everyone else interested in producing a viral promotional video.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen an increase in promotional videos for DJs and promoters. I’m sick of viewing bastardized 2nd rate videos so I’ve decided to provide you with some due diligence and properly educate you on how to make a good promotional video. Hopefully this relevant information well help you my friend, the DJ/promoter, that’s trying to increase your brand and is interested in creating a promotional video.

Time and again I’ve been shown promotional videos and time and again I have been forced to sit through 3 minutes of crap and asked to critique. I’m sorry but let’s be honest, If you’re video consists of nothing but shots of girls dancing, girls jumping on tables, girls kissing, and people being forced to drink alcohol out of a bottle while some off beat house music plays in the background, YOUR SHIT SUCKS!  Granted, sex does sell, and if you have the right amount of hot women in the video, it will keep my attention for a few seconds but that’s about it.  As cool as you think your video looks, let me reiterate in saying that it’s a piece of crap.

Anyone that has a DSLR or a smart phone can take b reel of cheesy club shots, import them into iMovie, drop some music in the background, and call it a day. Realistically, how many other videos take that exact same cookie cutter scheme and successfully execute it? Chances are the answer is slim to none. If you were to be shown a video just like that, you’re likely to watch a maximum of 30 seconds before tuning out.

Now here is the enlightening part of this blog post: Take the time to think about this video of yours through and TELL A STORY! It doesn’t have to be an hour long biography.  60 seconds will suffice. Proactively think of the scenes you’d like captured and try your best to relay a message.

Why do this you may ask?  Because a concrete video with informational content gives people a glimpse into your brand allowing for more of a personal and engaging experience.  It’s a lot more effective than 90% of what’s out there now.

A great example of this come from the guys based out of Eagle Rock, CA, them too. They do an excellent job of telling a story and relaying a message while leveraging hot ass women! Here are some of my favorite videos  they’ve done for the guys over at S.K.A.M. Artist and my buddy Jo Koy.

Watch them a few times and take notes!