Los Angeles Real Estate Unlimited Website


Yes, I know… my website has been pretty dormant for the month of January aside from the one post about my 104.3 MYfm mix.  I apologize about that.  It’s partially because I have been really busy with work and some new projects.  Everything seems to be getting a little more stable now so I can get back to blogging again for your entertainment!

Please allow to share one of my new projects with you!  As many of you know, I have been practicing real estate since 2009 but I have not really been focusing it much.  With the expiration of my license looming around the corner, I figured that I should probably use my vast knowledge of SEO and put up a site.  It took about a month of web design and web development with the Square 1 Group team but here it is!

By the way, here is a little background about the real estate agency I work for. It is my mom’s agency and has been in business for more than 30+ years. Real Estate Unlimited’s focus areas are primarily in Los Angeles real estate, Echo Park real estate, Silver Lake real estate, Los Feliz real estate, Eagle Rock real estate and Glendale real estate, however we pretty much serve all of Los Angeles County.

With the site done, it is now time to put my online marketing skills to the test.  I will be posting up new real estate content weekly as well as implementing other SEO strategies to try to rank for a bunch of Los Angeles keywords and see if I can bring in some new business.  Check back often because I will be reporting my progress with the site on DJ Myster-e!  By the way, if you have any cool tips/strategies you want me to try out or if you are looking for a Los Angeles real estate agent, hit me up!