– LA’s 25 and Legit Social Collective

LA's 25 and Legit Social Collective

Let’s be frank, a lot of our friends are knuckleheads.  Honestly, many of them deserve Darwin Awards.  With that being said it’s hard, at times, to find like minded individuals with the same mental capacity and creative interests as we do.

Enter is a social networking experience that collaborates people with like minded interests under one roof.  In theory, it’s a great idea but, in reality, will it work?

We, at Square 1 Group, took it the test and decided to create one.  It’s called LA’s 25 and Legit Social Collective.  Here’s our credo.

This social group is dedicated for the 25+ year old’s and legit. Meaning for the ladies and gents that are done with school, either working their 9 to 5, a business owner, an entrepreneur, or solely doing professional work. It is difficult to find a social bubble of people nowadays that you can relate to, especially if you are a professional. We will be producing/attending mixers, parties, clubs, bbq’s, camping trips, and all sorts of celebration of life. Most of the activities that we will be doing will be located in the greater Los Angeles area except for camping and such. We will meet every weekend and build a collection of 25 and legit peoples that will be one of a kind.

Quite surprisingly, the response on this social medium has been great thus far.  We’ve had a bunch of people join the group and even had quite a few people attend our events!  It’s really exciting.  In any case, if you’d care to join, we welcome you with open arms!  Here is the link to LA’s 25 and Legit Social Collective.  Hope to see you in the group!