Modern Home in Echo Park.. and it’s cheap!

Modern Home in Echo Park

Holy sheeezus, this house is AWESOME! Nestled in Echo Park/Silverlake, this newly designed 2 bedroom/3 bathroom modern home is decked out with a living room that has a fireplace, 5.1 surround sound system and high ceilings. The open bar layout has a 10 row wine glass bar rack, and 25 wine chiller.  The master suite upstairs has a dressing room… yes A DRESSING ROOM! The fireplace upstairs has LED lighting and a 8 jet spa.  The house has a bridge that connects to the patio with an amazing view of Downtown Los Angeles.  The 2nd level patio has a BBQ and firepit.  There is also a bonus room in the bottom level. The house itself is surrounded by windows.  The price on this luxurious property is actually pretty cheap! Hit me up and I’ll let you know the price.

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