My Dirt Cheap DJ Stylus Hook Up!

My Dirt Cheap DJ Stylus

Yo DJ friends that read my blog! I don’t know how quickly you go though the styli on your needles but, when you do, I’m sure you’re tired of paying a premium at Guitar Center of that little piece of plastic.

My fam DJ sKratchy put me up on this great ebay store that I thought I’d share with you (my faithful DJ readers). Search for ‘needledaddy1‘. This dude sells ‘aftermarket’ styli which you can plug into your needles.  They work great and they’re a fraction of the regular price.

I just picked up these Diamond Needle 4759-D7 (a Shure N-44-7 comparable) Styli  for my Shure M-44-7 cartridges for $10 a piece! They work great and do a really good job sticking to the record (just as long as you’re not heavy handed).

The ebay store has a wide variety of styli that fit most cartridges.

This is no shameless plug for the dude running the store and I’m not getting any kickback for each sale. This is just an honest review for a great product at an awesome price.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!