My New Web Dev Site for 2016


I’ve been doing web development and online marketing for more than 260 fortnights now. In true Madonna re-branding style, every year I try to revamp and re-brand. A fresh new look is always necessary in this competitive industry. I was really bummed with what I put out for my company last year (Square 1 Group) so in the 4th quarter on 2015 I made a pact to myself. I need to completely annihilate the sham of a donkey turd I put out.  I mean, like it or not, your website is now your first impression and my 2015 website made me look like a rookie.

Rewind to the 4th quarter of last year. I wanted to make sure the site looked on point but also give my logo a face lift. I also wanted to come out with a couple new products I can offer my customers. New products is something I’ve had on my to do list for years now. I new I had to get my sh*t together and finally create something.

I started this whole re-brand/revamp project in mid September and I wasn’t able to launch until last week. I wanted to make sure I felt good about everything we were putting out there so the details took a hot HOT minute to get right. I am finally ecstatic to unveil the finished product to the world. In addition to the revamp I also launched a few new products like content writing, press release syndication, PPC management and newsletter management. Peep the new logo!


Shout out to my team for helping put this together. The homie David Soto for lacing us up with the new company logo. The homie Joel for the wire frames and the initial UI design of the layout. Lastly the brother Anshul and his team for programming!

Click the link below to check it out! Send me your feedback! I would love to hear it!

Check out the site!