My Top 6 Web Designs of 2013


Here’s a year wrap up of my top 6 web designs (in no particular order except for number 1) of 2013 for your visual enjoyment. While some of these site may not look like the once did (most likely because some of these guys don’t know a thing or two about good design and/or content management), I handled the creative direction and programming during it’s original conception. I hope you enjoy the list and please feel free to hit me up if you need any web design help!

6. Josh Wolf


Good friend and overall great guy, comedian Josh Wolf (as seen on Chelsea Lately and a bunch of other shows and specials) needed a new site for 2013 so here’s what I gave him.  The site features social media feeds, a calendar with is tour dates, and a portal to buy his latest book, “It Takes Balls”.

5. Kase Real Estate


Super star realtor and hommie, Keven blessed me with the opportunity to take charge of redoing his online brand.  He needed a site that showcased the latest properties straight from the MLS, a blog, and a platform to show is clients (current and future) his body of work. Here’s a snap of the homepage. Check out the rest of his site by clicking to it here.  By the way, don’t forget to check out my real estate site!

4. Pauly Shore


Pauly needed a new redesign of his website for 2013.  The site needed a CMS system as well as a way to view his tour dates, purchase his merchandise and purchase his movies to either download or stream.  Here is what I came up with.

3. Ninjas With Appetite


The hommie Marc hit me up because he needed something quick to complement his teriyaki bowl food truck.  The site itself needed really basic features like a CMS that showcased where the truck would be throughout the week, social media feeds and a the menu.

2. Nick Guerra


Nick Guerra is an up an coming comedian on the verge of blowing up.  He’s hilarious and he loves to blog.  I came up with a blog style design that was fun and custom built for his personality.  It features a blog and a calendar showcasing his tour dates.



Coming in a number 1 is… MINE! Yup, don’t hate!  I like what I did to my website and damn proud of it too! haha!  Here is the link to the list of updates I did to my site.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the list because I sure did.  It felt kinda cool reminiscing about this past year’s projects. All of the ups and downs of dealing with clients and trying to get sites done on time was immensely fun! Now off to 2014.  I’m really looking forward to what next year brings!