New Mix: Graham Funke ‘The Funky Funke Mix’

artworks-000106154054-4b2qs2-t500x500Many of you know him as one-half of the eclectic DJ duo ‘Captains of the Industry‘ or by his affiliation to SKAM Artists. Some of you know him from his Klepto Skiddles commercial. I got put on Graham Funke over 10 years ago by my bro DJ Groove.  They were in the same record pool together way back when.  I first heard him spin shortly after during a Power 106 ‘Up In The Club’ mixshow.

I have a whole lot of respect for the dude because of his in depth knowledge of music. His ability to creatively program music puts him at the highest regard.  I don’t hear a lot of DJ’s able to pull this off now a days. He put me on some really gnarly nostalgic ballads I still enjoy listening to.  I was elated to find out that he dropped a mix yesterday entitled ‘The Funky Funke Mix”.  I’s a medley of laid back classics, breaks, and rare joints.  Stream it below and enjoy!