New Mix: #NKEL (Songs Noone x Knows x Everyone x Likes)


I’ve been wanting to drop a new mix but for the longest time I couldn’t figure out a theme.  Then I had an epiphany… For a while now it seems as though I’ve been playing the exact same set at all my gigs. Not to knock any of the obvious forty tracks that get played from midnight to 2AM but I have a ton of really awesome music that most people don’t even know.  Great tracks! You know, songs full of energy. Beats that provide you with some ugh! faces.  The sad truth is, most people at the club aren’t privy to some of these songs because they’re just not exposed to them.

In true DJ fashion, here’s Volume I in a series of mixes dedicated to breaking dope tracks that you probably have never heard of before.  The theme for this mix is high energy so use it to get stoked for a party or while releasing endorphins when working out.  I hope you enjoy it!

Stream it on my Soundcloud or download it below by filling out the form.  Thanks for the support!

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