New Year and a New Brand


Howdy folks!  I hope this new year is bringing you good fortune. Just like all the cliches go, January 1st is always a great time to refresh… ya know, “New beginnings!”

That being said, I’m super excited to present to you with my new logo for the new year (and hopefully many more prosperous years to come). My brand has been needing a revamp considering my logo(s) are years old. Special thanks to the hommie David Soto for lacing me up with the new design. BTW, he also sent me over a logo symbol version. Check it out below.


I hope you dig it. Let me know what you think in the comments below or hit me in the DM.

Lastly, David did something real cool with my logo above and he hid a symbol in there.  Sign up to my mailing list (below) because at the beginning of the month I’m giving away a few prizes if you can figure it out!

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