Online Marketing Tip: A Social Sharing Timeline


Here’s a scenario. Be it a blog, mixtape, podcast or video, you make some really awesome content. You want to promote that content on your social media platforms. Your goal is to build exposure and traffic. The only problem is, unless your content goes ‘viral,’ it’s likely going to be pushed down in everyone’s timeline. It definitely harder to get more attention in this ADD generation. Blame it on the 24 hour news cycle and the ease of accessibility to new content.

During one of my daily routines for scouring blogs to learn something new, I came up on a post by Neil Patel. Don’t know who he is? If you’re a fan of Sara Underwood, then I’m sure you’ve seen her post about him. He’s an online marketing guru. He turned his 4 companies into multimillion dollar behemoths. He is also a trusted advisor to many fortune 500 companies.

He did a post about increasing web traffic without SEO. While the post itself was very lengthy and really dry to read, let me give you the biggest takeaway. It’s the social sharing schedule below. It pretty much outlines some best practices for sharing a post on your social media platforms regularly to gain optimal traffic for whatever you’re promoting.


Totally fascinating and totally rad! You really have to keep on the grind with promoting your content for at least 2 months! My recommendation for doing this is to schedule all the post on Hootsuite.  What do you think? You better believe that I’m doing it now. I would love to hear some feedback. Drop it below.

Til the next post