Productivity: The Lost Art Of the To-Do List


Let’s keep it real for a minute. Developing good habits is one of the existential keys to success. If you look at any of your successful peers or one those million billionaire entrepreneurs Generation-Y loves to quote so much; they have done an excellent job developing the habit of keeping a to-do list. The reasoning isn’t rocket science, it’s just creating steps to get from point A to point B.

People now-a-days really under estimate the power of the to-do list. Time management has really become vital in the success of any individual and that is why I endorse them so much.  Allow me to break down the benefits:

  • Organization – One of the utmost reasons for keeping a to-do list is organization.  Have you ever felt overwhelmed because you feel like you have too much sh*t going on. Chances are, you really don’t.  However, that anxiety can really get to you.  Organizing your tasks into a list can make everything much more manageable and not make you feel like you’re a hot mess.
  • Better Memory – Forgot something?  This A.D.D. generation has a habit of doing that.  You want to know the end all drug?  Take a wild guess. No, it’s not MDMA.  It’s to write sh*t down!
  • Productivity -The cool part of a to-do list is as you get stuff done and cross them out, you psyche yourself into feeling more accomplished. This in turn leads to motivation via progression. Spending a few minutes jotting down some tasks have shown to save hours on execution time.
  • Motivation – The easiest way to reach your goal is to create a step by step process intended to give you direction to achieve your goals.  The more you cross off the closer you are to your goal.

So, why do a post about this you ask? For three reasons.  The first being my advocacy for the to-do list.  Second is because it just bugs me to see so many of my peers preach, quote, and create infographics about success yet not really share concrete evidence on how to be successful.  Third is for my endorsement for this really cool cross platform To-Do app I’ve been using.

Wunderlist: Cross Platform To-Do Application


Wunderlist is a really cool app that I’ve using to keep my life in order.  I even got the Square 1 Group office in the habit of using it. Setting up tasks is as simple as a few swipes of your finger/mouse.  There is also a new feature that allows for recurring tasks so you don’t have to input those daily/weekly to-do’s. You can even delegate tasks to a team.  It does cost $5 for this feature but it’s well worth the investment if you’re planning a project.

What makes Wunderlist better than the rest?  It’s the cross platform compatibility. I can jot down a song I need to download from my Android phone and it will remind me as soon as I open my Apple laptop.  I can arrange the next day’s tasks from my iPad the night before and it will show up on my PC desktop the following morning.  It really saves time having one universal to-do list across multiple platforms instead of having several lists and trying to synchronize all of them.

I hope this post gave you some good ideas and motivated you to develop some good habits.  Don’t forget to check out some more of my mind hacks!