The Final O.C.P. Fridays at Confidential BH

The Final O.C.P. Fridays at Confidential BH

Friday, August 17, 2012 –Two weeks too late but better late than never!  Here are some of the pics from the final celebration at Confidential in Beverly Hills. We had a great six week run but, sufficed to day, things just didn’t work out for us at the venue. In any case, we celebrated our last night with a banger! Not to mention, we also celebrated my friend Krissel’s birthday! Here are some of the pictures from the festivities.

Birthday girl WASTED!

Playboy Rob!

Fcuk a duckface! Here’s my beaver! My girlfriend Tiff and I are sad to see you go Confidential!

BTW, here’s a little piece of tantalizing irrelevant information to those of you that have still decided to read on to this point of the post. We called the night OCP Fridays. We told everyone that OCP stood for Only Cool People. Let’s be honest, we got it from here. Your mind, BLOWN!