The Return of #DirtyFridays

The Return of #DirtyFridays

In May of 2011 we, Square 1 Group (and at the time Babe Events), started a little party called #DirtyFridays at Winstons in West Hollywood. Little did any of us know what kind of monstrosity we had created. With over a year of parties in the books and with thousands of loyal patrons that visited us while we resided there, we had to shutdown.

Winstons, the club, was going through a remodel.

With hearts broken and moral at an all time low, we had to find other means to seek a new Friday shelter.  Venues came and went.  After 6 weeks of arduous excavation, we a discovery was made.

Could it be?!

Through the ashes of Hollywood, we have we found a new tropical haven.  A new palm tree to shade us. A new island to procure emancipated alcohol freedom!

A new #dirtyfridays.

– Drunkenly written, not dictated, from the laptop of DJ Myster-e, Esq.

To make a long story short, one of my favorite parties to have DJ’d in a long time, #DirtyFridays, is back!  It’s at a brand new location called Las Palmas in Hollywood.  The address is 1714 North Las Palmas Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028.  For more details about the party, click to

Join me and relive the magic!