[Website of the Day] Jatecson.com


Please allow me to introduce a new segment of my blog that I’d like to happily entitle “Website of the Day”.  As often as possible I intend on featuring a website that has an overall great body of work.  From the UI and UX design to maybe even the SEO, I’d like to share with you what I feel it takes to have a great looking interactive website.

I start off this segment with one of my really good friend’s website, Ja Tecson.  He is a photographer.

There are a ton of photographer templates out there and I’d say that about 90% of them are of a cookie cutter minimalist design.  They all share very similar attributes with a single predominant picture linked to a very generic gallery. Ja’s site design, on the other hand, is quite the contrary in that the UI is more dynamic.  The very simple typography complements the design and the UX is far more advanced than a majority of other competitor websites.  Regardless of the website being in flash, which is a huge red flag to any SEO advocate, Ja makes up for it in plenty of traditional marketing and social media tactics to onset the traffic.

Overall an excellent design and awesome an UX. View more pics of his site below, or click to jatecson.com for the experience in it’s entirety.