2016 Web Design Trends: Video Backgrounds

airbnb videobackground

Every year there always seems to be a web design trend that picks up momentum. Before you know it, the style catches fire and everyones website has it.  It started some odd years ago with flat design. Then last year one page design became really popular. This year it’s video backgrounds.

What are video backgrounds you ask? Recently made popular by Airbnb, video backgrounds are videos used as background visuals above the fold (or the area you see once the page loads).  This area used to default to slideshow images but, because of advancement in website technology, can now accommodate video playback.

With that being said, it’s time to give your website a facelift. I’m working on adding video to my company web development site right now.  Please let me know if you need assistance. I got you! Here are some amazing examples of very well made websites with this technology integrated:



wild renfrew.


wood shed production.


hto surf.


purple rock scissors.