4 More Proven Mistakes to be Successful


In a series of posts spanning the past few weeks, I’ve discussed that learning from other peoples failures is an effective strategy to a pathway to more success. I’ve even outlined a few of my personal failures that have lead to some of the success I’ve reached in business. Here are a few more of my blunders. Learn them and use their lessons wisely.

Bad Planning

I learned that this often happens when I’m really excited to start a project. Be it money as the motivator or the project itself, sprinting out of the gate is never a good idea.  You have to develop a system. If it’s for a specific job or service then make sure you create a scope of work. If it’s for a product then make sure you critically think about all of the scenarios. If it’s for a project then make sure you the set goals and milestones. It’s really difficult to go back and reset once you’ve started because of the amount of time wasted. Not to mention, if you forget to set the expectation in front of a client initially, it’s really unprofessional to go back and reset it once a project has started.

Proper planning can only take a sheet of paper and a few minutes. Just have something simple written down and use that as your guide moving forward.

Not Having Passion

How does that old saying go? Find something you like doing, then find someone to pay you for it. In my younger years, I was really influenced by the limelight rather than the passion. I started a bunch of different ventures. Some of them began because I thought they were cool to do and would give me a popularity boost. Let me tell you now, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your business life. You will realize very quickly that your heart is not into your new business. Going through the motions in such an early stage of a business is a quick sign of lackluster passion. Like me, you can potentially end up wasting thousands of dollars and a year of time invested into something you are not really interested in.

When starting a business, you are in it for the long haul. Think long term relationship (like 10 years). It has to be something you are passionate about otherwise your commitment to the cause will burn out quickly.

Talking First/Thinking Later

This is something that I’m still learning how to master. Often times when I’m aggressively asked a question during an argument or conflict, my emotions freeze up and I end up jumping to conclusions without thoroughly thinking about the answer. Personally, I know that I have an emotional trigger that goes off when attacked. That trigger makes me quick to state the obvious and sometimes the obvious is not the best answer.

The solution to this is to pause after a question is asked. The few seconds of silence shifts the power of the argument over to you. It also gives you time to thoroughly think of the best answer.

Being Passive

Being passive does not get the job done. Success in business really begins when you start speaking up. Most entrepreneurs are a little shy at first when asking for what they want or setting an expectation. For me, it was more of a confidence thing with my business. Its a brand new company so who’s going to want to work with a freshman. I really had to psyche myself out and realize that most people are to scared to even take the leap of faith and go self employed. There is also the proven concept of internal motivation. Many of my successful peers have it. In fact, we all have it. We just need to figure out how to harness it. Once we do, that motivation far outcries the passive BS.

There are always mistakes being made so there is always room to learn. Like I said before, these are just a few of the several 100 I’ve had to experience. Just remember that being successful is a journey with no shortcuts. Shortcuts usually start with the quick buck and end with you being broke. Passion, dedication, and habit are a few keys to success. Now learn from my f’ ups and go out there and do work!