Collabo: Akomplice Clothing

Akomplice Clothing

I’m happy to announce a new collabo with another clothing brand, Akomplice!  S/O to Catch over at Akomplice for blessing me with the opportunity. We’re still developing some great ideas for campaigns so stay tuned!  Til then, here’s a snippet about their company and a peek at one of their latest releases, X-Large x Akomplice Capsule Collection.

Akomplice’s mission is to bring fresh concepts and artful expressions to heads across the globe. Our designs reflect the things that inspire us: nature, philosophy, hip-hop culture, cinema, art, politics, and music. We want our ideas and images to make a positive impact, provoke thought, and communicate about issues that are affecting the world today. Making Akomplice into a profitable business that stays fresh, creative, and fun is one of our biggest goals. To us, true success is making clothing that we love, and that people love. Peace.

Monkey Wrench Manifesto:

In the spirit of mischief, in the name of civil disobedience, Akomplice and X-Large come together to form the Monkey Wrench Gang. Through this collaboration, we seek to protect the environment in the places we call home. We oppose those who would sacrifice our sacred resources in the name of profit, and we stand with the muckrakers and mischief-makers through history who have championed what is right over what is simply legal. Where the government fails, the citizens must act, and when laws are unjust, they must be broken. Edward Abbey knew this when he wrote the Monkey Wrench Gang in 1975. It still remains true today. This collection offers subversive tools to help you in this resistance, from an actual monkey wrench to botanical camo gear and even a notebook for plotting your own schemes. Defend what you hold most dear – whatever it takes. We are the MWG.

BTW, they just dropped a J Dilla x Joey Bada$$ x Akomplice lookbook that should be hitting the stores next week.  I’ll post that up in a few!


XLarge-Final XLarge-5Panel-Final  XLarge-Glove-Detail-F XLarge-Jacket-Final2 XLarge-MWGJacket-Final XLarge-PocketCrew-Final