Cool New DJ & Real Estate Web Design

Cool New DJ & Real Estate Web Design

I noticed that I haven’t posted anything in regards to new website’s I’ve been working on/launched lately so, here’s some new stuff!

Corey Nelson – Corey is a real estate agent servicing all of LA. He’s closed deals for some pretty amazing homes.  He found me online and needed a new site for his real estate business.  I laced him up with a pretty sick one page design that features an MLS search, testimonials, and all of his for sale/sold homes. Take a look at the finished product on

Mixfresh Entertainment – The hommie Noel (DJ Avalanch) wanted to get real serious about his mobile DJ business and gave me the opportunity to revamp his existing site.  I gave him a really cool one page design that looks amazing on a mobile phone/tablet. The site also features his services, forms for gigs, and a section that showcases his previous events and mobile set ups.  Check out the fresh design on

Hope you enjoy the designs.  Also, if you or a friend ever need any web design help, feel free to reach out!