Damnit! I Got A Job?

Thomson Reuters Logo

From DJing and promoting clubs, to building websites and SEO, to slanging some dope threads in fashion on Flat84, to even brokering deals for real estate in Los Angeles, I have tried my best to diversify my portfolio of skill sets and services as much as possible. Why do so much you ask? Simply put, it’s because I don’t want to work a 9-5! You know, everyone’s dream goal in life… not having to work for ‘the man’.

Well, my dear friends and blog readers, with that being said I’d like to formally announce my return to the working world*. What, what?! Gasp for air, dare you?! I’m a hypocrite you say? How does a entrepreneur buckle down and get a job!?

Yea, yea… hold the harsh remarks to yourself. Sometimes, as the Don would say, you get made an offer you just can’t refuse. Justifiably, that offer was made to me by the good people at Thomson Reuters.  Thomson Reuters, you know, the people that feed you all that news jargon on your smart phone whenever your bored, on the toilet, looking for something to read?!

So, effective immediately, I am now an SEO Strategist for one of their web properties. Well, what does that mean? In a nutshell, I have to analyze client online properties and strategically advise them on how to monetize.  Oh, might I add, I get to do this remotely.  In laymens terms, I get paid a nice salary to advise clients what to do on their sites in order to make them money and I get to work from home (hence the *italicized asterisk next to working world).

Sweet deal huh!? Just thought I’d share the great news with you and reinforce the fact that, hey, maybe I do know a thing or two about online marketing. By the way, if you need any online marketing help, feel free to reach out to me!  I got you!