DimePiece LA – Summer 2013


My pal Laura Fama, co-founder of DimePiece LA, hooked me up with a sneak preview from their summer 2013 look book.  Lady friends, take a gander!

Here is an excerpt from their press release describing this summer’s collection:

Woman-Hood is the newly designed collection from DimePiece, a bold empowering line that renders women’s notions, desires and experiences through the avenue of fashion. The collection extends beyond the clothes and challenges to defy the feminine roles that woman have been bound to in the way we dress, personal expression and mindsets. It’s in the street, in the way we talk, move and think. It is a state of mind translated into a wearable attitude from the woman’s perspective.  Our “trEAT Your Girl Right” sweatshirts and tees read further than the initial vulgarity, it establishes female control over our sexual expression and body.

You’re in luck! The pieces go on sale today on their DimePiece website.  Get an additional 15% off when you type in the code: womanhooddimepiece-summer2013-02 dimepiece-summer2013-03 dimepiece-summer2013-04 dimepiece-summer2013-05 dimepiece-summer2013-06 dimepiece-summer2013-07 dimepiece-summer2013-08 dimepiece-summer2013-09 dimepiece-summer2013-11 dimepiece-summer2013-12 dimepiece-summer2013-13