DJ Tips: Importance of Building an Email List

DJ Building Email List

I’ve picked up quite a few things being in this DJ game for a long ass time. I really wish many of these moments of enlightenment came couple years ago.  It really would have really elevated my game to a whole other level.  That being said, I have a wealth of knowledge in the many years honing my craft. If you’re an aspiring, part time, or full time DJ, then maybe some of my little tidbits of truth can help elevate your brand to another level.

Here’s truth number one. Start building your email list.

The Importance of Email

Yea, I know what you’re thinking. Email is dead. Well, I beg to differ.  It’s more alive than ever. It’s still the #1 channel of communication between any individual both personally and professionally.  You need an email to sign into any social media account.  You also use email to receive notifications from sites like Amazon to view orders or LinkedIn to see who’s stalking your profile. Dude, chances are you’ve either changed your phone number, delete and reopened your Facebook account, or change your social media handles more times than changing your email account. Email has stayed constant.

Now that you’ve seen the light, here are some ideas to put that email list to good use.

Tip #1: Mindshare

DJ MindShare

Mind share is an advertising and promotion concept that means you deploy campaigns subconsciously make individuals think of you as the brand name of the industry. First to the dome is usually first to get the sale. Sure, you can accomplish this by loading up social media posts and Facebook Ads but it’s hit and miss. Most of the time average folk will browse over your content without giving it a second thought. The honest truth is, if you have someone’s personal email, you can almost guarantee that they’ll take the time to open a message from you.  After all, if they give you their email then it’s them telling you they’re a fan.

Tip #2: Engagement

DJ Engagement

Engagement is a huge topic of conversation when it comes to present day marketing. There are endless articles online about how to engage in social media but not too many going around for emails. Sending a personal email requesting feedback or exclusive information to generate a buzz is a lost art form and should not be neglected.  It’s a perfect way for you to interact with fans one-on-one and put you in the path to creating a community. In DJ terms, community = followingthat’s a buzz word all you DJ’s like to see!

Tip #3: Automation

DJ Automation

Sure, you can greet someone Happy Birthday from Facebook but think about how much more of an impression you would leave if you personally emailed them! Shit, I don’t even remember the last time someone emailed me happy birthday. I damn sure would remember him or her!

The cool part about technology is that you can now streamline the process of sending out these emails (and many of the like) via cool services like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.  They’re called drip campaigns.  You can populate your entire email list on there and set it to automatically email members based off of designated criteria. From sending someone a birthday message, anniversary greeting, or “Hello, it’s been a minute, what’s good!” email to sending new mixes and exclusive content; it’s a perfect solution to make technology work for you.  You can grow your following without even having to micromanage it. Just like Ronco said, “Set it and forget it!”

My Wrap Up

I’m not reinventing the wheel, I’m just dropping knowledge bombs on concepts that are out there and you may not hip to. This post is about DJing but the same thought process can be implemented in any industry. I’ve even talked to professionals and infulencers that preach about the importance of email lists.  They look at those metrics more than followers on Instagram or unique visits on Google Analytics.  They know the importance of lists and you should too.

Shoutout to the DJ’s that have been doing it and are still grinding it out like my bro Turbulence and Vice! I still receive email’s from these dudes, and you know what, I still open them! I hope you enjoyed the post.  Tell me how you really feel and drop a comment below.

See you on the flip side!