DJ Tips: Soundcloud vs. iTunes Podcast


Hello DJ friends and music piracy aficionados. I just thought I’d shed some light on a quandary I’ve encountered in my journey for uncensored mixtape syndication supremacy.  It has come to my attention that many of you have chosen the route of publishing your mixtapes on Soundcloud.  However, have you ever considered the constraints and options using other platforms like an iTunes Podcast.  Based off of my personal assessment, here are some pros and cons I’ve deduced.

The Power and Constraints of Soundcloud


PROS: Soundcloud has a user friendly interface that allows the member to seemlessly upload music to their servers.  Additionally, the website also acts as a social media hub with it’s own form of internal profile “befriending” and “liking” similar to Facebook. Another great feature is the ease of sharing music.  It’s as easy as a few clicks away to embed your latest mix on another persons website. Lastly SC provides users a way to tag comments mid song for the publisher’s narcissistic pleasure.

CONS: Soundcloud is a great tool for syndicating “your music”.  I say this loosely because I really mean “your music”, or a derivative of it.  Have you ever tried to uploading a medley of songs that have not been edited in any way? You know, just a mix of regular ol’ songs?  The short end of the stick is YOU CAN’T.  Yup, due to copy write infringement laws, licensed songs are not allowed to be published on Soundcloud, only “your version” of the songs.  I still haven’t found a work around but if you do, please let me know!

Oh yea, one more thing! You are also required to fork up a few bucks once you’ve reached your maximum amount of free bandwidth.  Yea, I know, kinda blows.

iTunes Podcast Publication


PROS: I’ve seen two big differentiating factors between publishing your mix on an iTunes podcast.  The 1st being, you don’t get censored if you publish licensed music (primarily because it’s published off of your own site and rss fed to itunes).  The 2nd being, you have an unlimited amount of bandwidth to upload mixes (well… at least til you run out of space on your server).  Bother are really grate upsides but this whole process does require a bit of setting up.

Enter the cons…

CONS: In actuality you are publishing your mix on your own website and linking it to itunes.  It does require a bit of basic common sense, a small knowledge of WordPress, and a few extra steps to  set up but it’s well worth it.  There is a plugin I’ve been using called PowerPress by Blubrry that automatically syncs your podcast with itunes.  It’s a really robust plugin that syndicates your mix on iTunes as soon as you publish it on your site.

Some other downsides include the lack of a social network and your inability to embed your mixes into different sites.  Aside from that you should still be able to showcase the mix via promoting your url (and it’ll also get your website some additional clicks too!).

My Dramatic Conclusion


All-in-all if you’re a DJ/producer, I’d recommend going with a Soundcloud set up to promote your mixes.  If you just DJ then go with an iTunes Podcast.  If you’re really feeling bold, then I’d suggest going with both!

Any thoughts on the subject?  Send them my way. By the way, if you need help setting up an iTunes podcast, feel free to hit me up!  I’d be glad to help!