DJ Tips: The difference between fans vs. contacts

Dear DJ friends.  Do you know the difference between a fan and a contact? Did you know that potentially organizing these two groups could lead to getting you more gigs? If you are unclear about the distinction between the two, then I hope this post can shed some light and direction to better improve your DJ business.

I’ve been working with CRM (customer relationship management) systems a lot lately and I had an epiphany that lead me to writing this post. If I use the methodology in place for managing my fans/contacts as DJ Myster-e a little better, I can increase business revenue.  I can achieve this by flipping some of the terminology in a CRM to the DJ industry.

What is a CRM

Before I take a deep dive down the rabbit hole of a fan versus a contact, I first need to explain how a CRM works.  In laymen terms, a CRM is software designed to organize all of your contacts into two distinct categories.  A lead and a contact.  A lead is defined as someone that you potentially can do business with while a contact is defined as someone that wants to or already has done business with you.  By distinguishing the difference you have a better idea of how to market.

Fan vs. Lead

Fans will get your name out there but contacts will feed you.

Now let’s get into the fun stuff.  If you re-imagine the context of the definitions above, then a lead is the same as a fan and a contact, well… is a contact. So what is the difference between a fan and a contact? A fan is someone that follows your music. A fan is someone that goes to your gigs and is constantly supporting you at your shows.  A contact is someone that wants to do business with you.  They’re the ones booking you gigs.

The Major Key

The key to getting more gigs is in how you utilize the information explained above to your advantage. If you’ve organized your Rolodex correctly, then you should have a list of two types of groups, fans and contacts. Each group type needs to be marketed to in two very different ways.

Fan’s are your biggest supporters.  They are the ones that will help promote you and push your name out there.  They are the ones that will expose you to the contacts.

Blasting out on social media, emails, text messages and calls are the most effective way to communicate to them.  That marketing message is simply when and when is your next show.

A contact, on the other hand, need to be nurtured. They require a lot more TLC.  This is where some sales experience is key.  You will need to reach out to your contacts regularly with personal emails, text messages, and phone calls.  You need to spend time selling yourself and being persistent (but not annoying). The key here is to say at the top of their mind.

Using A CRM

I currently use Zoho CRM for managing my web design contacts but you can potentially use it the same way with your DJ directory.  You would simply need to organize your contacts in a way that would be easy for you to manage.  Create regular to do tasks and reminders to reach out to your people.  Set up automation rules to send out emails and/or text messages so you can set it and forget it.

I’ve been using CRM’s for a minute so if you need some help or guidance setting this up, then feel free to hit me up! I hope you enjoyed the quick read.  If you’re a DJ reading this, then I hope it helped.  If you’re not, then thanks for allowing me to drop some knowledge bombs on my DJ friends.  I promise next week’s post will be more entertaining.  Drop a comment below and let me know what you think.  I’m always happy to get feedback.  ’til the next post, later fam!