Feature and Interview on CA Realty Training

I want to preface this post by saying it’s been almost 2 month’s since my last post.  That really hurts my goal of getting to 26 posts by the end of the year. I’m taking strides to make my goal but I recently got involved in a huge project that requires a massive undertaking of time and effort on my part.  The project is under wraps for now but you will sure as hell hear about it by the end of the year! Anyhow, to the topic at hand…

CA Realty Training is one of the top real estate schools in California.  They provide a very inexpensive and easy solution to getting a real estate license. They are also one of my clients.

Most real estate schools pay a subscription to a white-labeled service that provides an e-learning solution for online schools. I’ve been working with them for the good part of almost 3 years now to build up a fully custom standalone website for their students.

A few weeks ago they asked me to come in for a video interview and a feature on their website. It’s part of a weekly series called ‘Keeping it REal’ where they feature persons of interest in the real estate industry.  I’m thankful to share the stage with some of the biggest heavy hitters in the real estate industry like million dollar owners of several real estate offices and people that carry huge influence in the real estate industry. To be able to sit in the same seat as some of the biggest personalities in the industry is a huge honor.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in viewing the video, stream it below!

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