Fish a-FISH-ionado

Fish a-FISH-ionado

Sunday, August 26, 2012 – Last Sunday me and the girlfriend, Tiff, had a day date at the Aquarium of the Pacific.  Truth be told, I have never actually been there and I’ve lived in LA all my life! With all of the fishing I do on a regular basis, I was pretty excited. They had a lot of really interesting aquatic specimens that, to be frank, made me hungry for seafood! Here are some of the pics. Please disregard the shitty quality of the photos.  We’re still waiting for the nerds at Samsung and Apple to create DSLR camera phones!

See, Unicorns DO EXIST! It’s a unicorn fish.

I called him Slimer.

All I could think of were Shark Bites fruit snacks!

Spider crab, aka, my favorite type of crab to eat!

It’s called a Leafy sea horse.

DJ’s, if you think blaring loud music from a monitor is bad for your ears, you should have this bird chill on your shoulder.