Forever 21 Fashion Bitters


It’s not secret that Los Angeles based apparel company Forever 21 has been notorious for copy’s smaller clothing company’s fashion designs, sending them overseas for reproduction, and selling them for dirt cheap.  The funny part is, I never knew the severity of their “best practices” until this past week.

Here’s the brief.  Earlier this week a customer from Flat84 emailed us about seeing one of our women’s denim jackets, on sale, on the Forever 21 site. After some further investigation, it does in fact turn out that the exact replica of our Cotton Candy women’s jacket was on their site!  To make matter’s worse, the dress that the model had on under her jacket was none other than our Nameless Clothing galaxy dress.

Seriously Forever 21!!!! Common man!

I posted the photos below.  Take a gander for yourself and let me know what you think!