Gentleman’s Rant: The Reason for My Blogging Hiatus


Hello all! I know I’ve been MIA on my site a while. Looks like the last time I posted something on here was back in July. Well, you know what… sh*t came up …and by sh*t I mean life …and by life I mean I got to lazy to blog.

But was it really laziness? Or was it just a lack of direction? …and like any good leader would tell you, a lack of direction is a one way street to a lack of motivation. Ok, a good leader probably won’t put it in those same eloquent terms, but you catch my drift.

Without sounding to much like a dopy hippie I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting about this whole blog game. I’ll be honest. I think about my site and blog every day. I see an opportunity and many failed attempts to capitalize on it.  I’ve seen too many people (myself included) attempt at creating a online destination curated by one individual reach any real height of success.  I know it’s been done. There are quite a few blogs that I enjoy visiting regularly. Blogs that are curated by one individual with each post being very a opinionated view on interesting topics. Seem’s easy enough. However, trying to emulate that into by blog has left be between a rock and a hard case.

Part of my original strategy (and of course it evolved through the years) was to post something relevant. Well, let’s just say that the result was staggering. Posting about hot chicks and cool clothes really didn’t resonate much with anyone. See for yourself.  Here’s a snapshot from my Google Analytics when I was blogging daily and posting about random crap I found on the internet.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 6.49.20 PM

The most I got on one day was 24 visits on June 2nd.  Aside from that I pretty much averaged 3-5 clicks a day. Embarrassing isn’t it! Really doesn’t leave me with much in terms of motivation to continue blogging.

Just like my big bro Sureshot put it when he blew my mind almost a decade ago, “Content is king.” Fast forward to 2015 and the revised quote is, “Unique content is king.” The irony of this all is, I preach this to my clients all the time. Maybe it’s time I start following that advise.

All this fluff being said, I’d like to thank you for your continued readership. I also ask you to join me as I make a transition. Out with the old regurgitated material (granted some of it will appear just because there are a few things I like) and in with more developed structured and unique content.

Might as well give it a try now and fail than not try at all.  So here’s to a new site and some dope new content – Cheers!