Jack U’s Set From Hangout Fest 2015


First and foremost, I’d like to give a big middle finger to RSS Graffiti. They are the service I used to use to auto post my blogs to my social media platforms.  As of May 1st they discontinued their service. It took me 20 days to find a new solution.  So if you have a blog and want it to auto post to your social media platforms, go with NextScripts auto post plugin.  It takes a little fidgeting on the setup but it’s well worth it!  Hit me if you get stuck setting it up and I can help you out.

So, news broke a few weeks ago that Sam Smith canceled his performance at Hangout Fest.  The good news is Skrillex and Diplo was his replacement.  The great news is that is almost a 2 hour set. The greaterest news is there is a copy of their set for you to stream online now!  Click below to stream. Get hype before they take the feeds down!!!!