Kaidoku Watch


Happy Monday folks! I hope you have an amazing week! In honor or the word amazing, here’s my pick for useless impulse buys for this week.  It’s a watch (and I’m not referring to the Apple Watch).  This is a Kaidoku watch.  Here’s the description direct from the designer:

Kisai Kaidoku is a limited edition colored LCD watch design that displays the time using words instead of numbers. Designed by 15-year-old Tynan Mayhew, a creative fan of Tokyoflash watches, Kisai Kaidoku was originally a concept submitted to the Tokyo Flash Design Studio Blog. A Wrist Watch That Uses Words Instead Of Numbers, Kaidoku means to decode or decipher in Japanese but this watch needs no translation once you understand how it works. The time is displayed with words instead of numbers. Just look at the words that are flashing and read them in order to know the time. It’s that easy. The date can be read in exactly the same way by pressing the lower button.

Priced at $93.99, this is your steez for the week!  You can purchase it here.