Mogul Talk: The Official Release of – A Website Building Platform for DJs

So, remember yesterday when I announced on my Facebook that I had some big news coming? Here’s a refresher in case you missed it:


The big news is here! Today! Right now! …but first, let me give you the backstory.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

My web development background has really opened up some amazing opportunities but I’ve always been a DJ at heart.  I really wanted find a way to use my talents to contribute the DJ community.

One very early morning back in early January I had an idea. Actually, it was several ideas. See, part of my morning routine is to jot down 10 random ideas shortly after waking up. It helps kick start my brain. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m the most creative in the morning so the sh*t I come up with is kinda fresh. Anyhow, this morning’s session was entitled, “What can I build to help DJs?” After jotting down some random thoughts, it dawned on me that one of the biggest missing pieces in every DJ’s repertoire is a website.

Dissecting the Facts

Most DJ’s either don’t have a website or have a really crappy looking one. How do I know? I get hit up quite often for quotes to design their websites!

Now-a-days most people Google the name of a person they are planning to working with prior to even picking up the phone.  If that person’s information or website doesn’t show up, nine times out of ten they loose the gig.

Another thought was that creating a website for DJ’s was too expensive or too cheap.

A DJ can go the route of hiring a web designer, like myself, to build out a custom website. The problem is, most custom websites cost an arm and a leg. The majority of working DJ’s can’t afford to shell out a couple grand just to have their website custom fabricated.

On the flip side, DJ websites are also too cheap. Sure, a DJ can use something like Wix or Squarespace but these platforms aren’t built for DJs.  I know they have a few templates on there but they usually don’t have the basic necessities most working DJ’s need.  You can also go with a homie that will hook you up for free. Sometimes that works and sometimes they do a good job but most of the time you end up ruining a relationship because it takes so long to get it done. Just remember that FREE does not equal PRIORITY.

The Need

As I started to further analyze the idea, it occurred to me that most working DJ’s have basic requirements needed for their website. They need a section for their bio, location to feature their upcoming gigs, area to showcase their music or DJ sets, social media connections and lastly a contact form.

It also occurred to me that most DJ’s are cheap.  That’s understandable because they don’t have steady income.  Sure, it’s great when they book a major gig that pays $1,000 bucks but most of the time it’s either feast or famine.

This idea needs to be affordable and easily accessible to everyone.  It needs to fulfill the basic requirements and be so simple to use that a complete and total dummy can figure it out.

Allow me to introduce you to…


After months of designing, coding and with the help of one of my brotha’s, we were able to create  It is a website building platform for DJs. This is designed and developed by DJs for DJs.

We made this to fulfill the simplest need by most DJs which is to have a easy to set up destination for their brand online. It features the basics I stated above like a hero image, bio section, gigs section, music section, social media section and contact form. We created a dirt simple dashboard for DJ’s to fully customize their website.  A DJ can be up and running within’ 30 minutes with one of these bad boys.

We also made this amazingly affordable too! It’s $20 bucks a month. That’s dirt cheap for a website. I should also add that if you can’t afford $20 bucks a month and you are a DJ, then reassess your live, you shouldn’t be DJing!

The cool part about about this product is that it’s always evolving and changing.  This site launch is just the beginning. Over the next few months we will start to add additional features like a press section, video section, blog and more! So, what are you waiting for. If you’re a DJ reading this or know a DJ that needs a site, tell them to hop on ASAP! I’ll even hook them up.  Here’s a coupon code for a FREE month if you want to check it out: MREPLUG1MO. BTW, offer expires in 4 days so get on it ASAP!

Here are some samples we created but you can view more on the site:

Thanks again for all the support you’ve sent my way. Now please help me spread the word. I’d really appreciate it! Thanks fam!