#motivationmonday – Newly Built Modern Hanger Home in West LA


Sorry for the delay on today’s #motivationmonday post. I usually like to post these in the morning to kick start your day. I’ll be honest, I’m still recovering from a weekend in Vegas. I’m only getting around to covering this now. Oh, to be young! The recovery time is real!

Anyway, here’s this week’s piece of inspirational motivation. It’s a series of newly built homes in West LA. The architecture is really breathtaking. The interior design and modern feel really make these centerpiece homes.  Take a look and see for yourself.  Here’s the description from the agent.

The Hangar 4 houses are four custom built single family homes at the threshold of Santa Monica. Built with an abiding belief in dramatic spaces, delightful surprises, and livability, these homes have been constructed with vanguard design and meticulously curated finishes. The development team put a premium on intelligent approaches to space to work, play, and entertain. Each features open plan living areas, but private bedrooms above. Double height glass window walls flood the residences with abundant natural light, illuminating contemplative mornings and get-togethers with friends at sunset!