My Life As A Web Designer (1 of 2): Real Estate Web Design

My Life As A Web Designer

As many of you know, or may have forgotten, I am also a web developer and online marketing artist.  It’s also been a while since I did a post about the cool website stuff I’ve been working on, so here it is!

It’s no secret, I am a Realtor.  In the journey to hone my craft, I’ve had to reach out to several agents for my clients. There would be times I would have to do a Google search and find their website just to get contact information.

The unfortunate truth is, many agents either don’t have a website or have a piss pour bastard child representation of their brand via a cookie cutter sham that was provided to them by some douche bag web developer or their real estate agency.

EUREKA I just had an EPIPHANY! I’m a Realtor, and a web developer…  Why don’t I start making website’s for real estate agents! …So I did.


Square 1 Group – Real Estate – Newly developed and open for business.  If you know anyone in the real estate industry that needs some assistance developing a dope online prescience, have them hit me up!

Also, don’t forget to pay some reverence to my real estate site.

I’m working on another pretty cool web project that I plan to share on Monday, so check back soon!