My Life As A Web Designer (2 of 2): Dental Web Design


Like I mentioned last Friday, I’ve been working on some pretty cool website projects.  Here’s the 2nd big project I’ve been working on.

Over the past few month’s I reconnected with one of my friends from high school, Ken.  He’s a fellow web developer.  After spending hours hating on crappy web designs, we decided to work together to develop a quality product. Because of his previous experience in the medical field, and because doctor website’s suck pretty bad, we decided to develop a company that would specialize in the medical vertical.

omatix dental web design

Omatix Dental – Omatix was born.  However, in an effort to start small and gradually expand to different industries within the medical field, we decided to focus primarily on dentists. For all you future or current dentist’s out there that are reading this, holla at’cha boy! I’ll hook you up!