New Devin Lucien Site and #tbt Mark Ronson Mixes


Just found out that the DJ/producer/fam Devin Lucien released a brand new website called  Support the hommie and click to his site.  Check out some of his likes which include clothes, smart girls, and pretty music.

I was perusing his site yesterday and was put on an old Boiler Room mix by Mark Ronson. After watching the video straight through, it reminded me of how dope Mark Ronson is.  Video shared below.

I’d first heard of Mark Ronson over a decade ago when he dropped a mixtape called Fade to Black for Jay-Z’s “retirement”.  I was blown away by the mix.  Mind you, this was back in 2004 before everyone was a DJ and music wasn’t so easily accessible.  You really had to have some creativity to put a mix like this together. His blends of breaks and new Jay-Z raps gave me some new perspective on mixing.  I had to do some gnarly digging but I found the mix.  Click here to download it and vibe out!