New DJ Website Design Service!

I saw the need for something special in the DJ community. So a few month’s ago I launched a SaaS (software as a service) for DJs.  It’s called ThisDeejay and it was created to act as a simple and inexpensive way for DJ’s to make websites.

It’s only been a few months and thankfully the subscriber base is slowly growing.  As more and more people signed up, one thing became coherently clear.  I mean, seriously… it was a flashing neon red light on my face! That superlative observation is – most DJ’s don’t know jack sh*t about design! I mean, the crap that some of our subscribers created made me puke diarrhea and poop my dads (day after drunk sh*ts) at the same damn time. I’m not trying to talk trash (as I type that sarcastically).  I mean, a flying toaster website gif from the early 2000’s looked better than some of the stuff we have on the site.

With all this being said, I needed to find a solution stat! I want more people to sign up after visiting my site, not make them regurgitate their lunch.

After talking with my design and programming team, we decided on offering a ‘Website Setup Service’ for DJ’s that don’t know jack about design or are to lazy to set up their website.  Here’s a blurb from the website I put out the other day about the process:

If you have an existing account, click the signup link, then select and purchase our Website Builder product.

If you’re a new customer, simply click on the sign up button, choose a plan and make sure to click the ‘Website Setup Service’ under your Summary.

After purchasing you’re taken to a form where you will need to upload some collateral for us to use when designing your website.  Just upload some photos, bio, links to mixes and some gigs. Then you’re good to go! It takes us 2-4 days to get a design created and loaded to your website.  At that point, you can go in and make edits as you please. If you don’t have a lot of photos, or your photos aren’t that high res, we can either pull some stock images to supplement your design or make some Photoshop magic to spruce up your look. In the event that you don’t like the design, you are allowed 1 redesign.  After that, you will need to purchase the product again for additional looks.

If you’re interested in setting up a site for yourself or the DJ Website Builder service, hit me up!  I’ll lace you up for free! Get at me soon though before I start charging people for the service! Here’s the link to the product if you’re interested in signing up.

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