New Homes: Mid Century Modern that Blew My Mind!


As you can imagine, I look at a lot of homes. It’s part of the industry. The funny part about the home I’m about to feature is, I’ve probably past it a million times and never knew it existed.  It’s on Highland Blvd near Hollywood. I was totally psyched out to find out that this is a pretty amazing mid century 2 bedroom 2 bath home.  Here’s the description of the property:

On the edge of Miracle Mile in Hancock Park, architects Linda Pollari and Robert Somol have created a deceptively tranquil oasis here amidst the urban chaos. The shimmering, hundred-foot long corrugated metal wedge has its back to the street, providing an effective barrier to the mechanized world outside. Out front, two long ribbon windows turn the street scene into a moving picture show. In back, the hard-edged home embraces the lushly-landscaped garden. Sliding glass walls disappear and open the entire home to the yard where a kidney-shaped pool glows after dark, creating an intimate and private sanctuary. With an exceptionally open plan, two floating cores for storage and bathrooms provide visual separation between the spacious home office at one end and the luxurious master suite at the other. Natural wood and stacked stone offset polished concrete floors and stainless steel appliances. Published widely: Metropolitan Home, Sunset, Los Angeles Times, Architecture, LA Architect.

It’s a little pricy but at least it’s something to aspire too.  You better start putting in that extra work now to afford this nice piece of ass. As always, don’t forget to contact me, your LA real estate agent, for assistance!