New KRTH 101 Classic Rock and 80’s Mix!

In case you were looking for something else amazing to listen to, here’s a new mix for KRTH 101. If you’re just visiting my site for the first time, these guys are one of the radio stations I work for.

They play mostly oldies but I actually enjoy mixing this type of music. It’s such a huge change from the norm and these songs are far more challenging to program together.

See… back then you didn’t have a computer to automate the beats so that each sound hits perfectly. You had actual musicians banging away at drums and sometimes their timings were off. Also, you can’t just hit a ‘sync’ button (like most DJ’s do now-a-days) to mix 2 songs. You have to get creative! It’s far more challenging (and fun) to find ways to piece these songs together.

BTW, this is 100% live so any f’ups you hear… yea that’s 100% authentically me messing up.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the mix and drop a comment if you did. Thanks always for the support!