New Mix Alert! Live from Saddle Ranch March 26, 2016


If you ever ask, this is still one of my favorite gigs of all time. I’ve been doing Saddle Ranch at the Universal Citywalk for close to 2 years now. It’s become a monthly residency of at least 2,000 unpretentious party goers that are just looking to have a great time. No one staring at their cell phones and no one trying to act too cool to dance. Everyone that goes is there for 2 reasons, to get drunk and party.

I recently picked up a portable microphone recorder that I can capture the audio from the crowd so you can year their reaction when I would play songs and drop music. I finally put it to good use 2 weeks ago and recorded my live set along with the raw audio file from Serato. I hired somebody to combine the 2 audio’s and master the mix.  What you see and hear below is the final product.

You can stream the first 50 minutes of the mix or download the whole set by filling out the form below. Now close your eyes, imagine yourself at the club and enjoy!

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