New Mix: Live at The Function exclusively on Wild1 Radio


A few weeks ago I had a really awesome opportunity to DJ on The Function on Wild 1 Radio. It’s a radio show produced by the homies Shakee, G-No and Hey Mesa. I use the opportunity to promote my new DJ website builder project called This Deejay. Aside from promoting my site, we also discuss things like the Dodgers making the playoffs,  vanity + haters, and some other really random shit. I also dropped a mix of some music that’s rotating on my playlist at the office.

The homie Shakee finally uploaded the mix yesterday so I embedded it below. If you miss the show a few weeks ago go ahead and grab a glass of wine, take a seat then hit the play button.

If any of you DJ’s out there reading this are looking for a website make sure you sign up on! Use the code ‘FUNCTIONPLUG1MO’ for a free month trial subscription. I hope you guys enjoy the show and thanks for reading/listening!