New Updates to my This Deejay Project!

If you guys haven’t been keeping up, I launched a DJ website builder a few months ago.  As with every website/software launch, it’s never really finished. There are always new iterations, revisions and bug fixes that need to be made to improve the overall user experience (because, you know, no one ever likes using sh*tty or clunky software).

I’m gearing up for a major revamp of the DJ dashboard user interface.  In preparation for that revamp, I needed to make some global updates to the website.  Here are some recent changes I made:

New Login/Forgot Password Pages

Let’s face it, everyone hates those SPAM CAPTCHA thingys where they have to decipher jumbled up letters before logging in.  I had that on the site originally but I hated it!  We switched up the design so now it’s a simple 1-click authentication.

New News (Blog) Design

I’ve been using the blog as more of a tool for providing updates and featuring new technology integrated into the website.  Unfortunately, if you ever saw the blog design before recently, it looked like garbage.  I gave it a revamp so the layout is easier to read and more presentable.

New Footer Design

This last update was more of a personal preference. I couldn’t stand the old footer.  It looked too plan and dated.  I gave it a facelift to feature some easy to find links, recent blog posts and a contact form for questions/support.

There you have it! Some new updates to my little website project.

If you know any DJ’s that need a website, be sure to forward them over to!  If you let me know in advance, I’ll even hook them up with a free subscription!

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