Project Updates

It seems like I haven’t been posting as much.  It’s particularly because I’ve been pretty busy.  If it’s not one thing, then it’s another. I figure I’d give you an update on some of the cool project’s I’ve wrapped up for the past couple months.

1. My beef with Google!

Late May to early June Google released an update.  This update pretty much nerfed a bunch of best practices for SEO and completely flipped the script on how to rank on Google.  I’ll save the intricacies for another post but, til then, let’s just say that I’ve been juggling some ridiculous shit nonsense ever since. Oh hey, by the way, haven’t you heard, PR is the new SEO!


My pal and fellow Crowd Control DJ member, DJ Delvin has a online mp3 record pool.  Midway through the summer, he reached out because he wanted to add a blog and a store to his site.  About a month later, I gave him the finished product.  Here are some snapshots of the site.

mp3poolonline-blog mp3poolonline-store

Along with Delvin’s Mp3PoolOnline site, he has a site called Turnlabels.  This site is designed to create custom DJ skins for your laptop, mixer, turntables, controllers, etc.  He had two issues with this site.  The first was that the UI was kinda sloppy because of the way the original developer set it up.  The second was that he wanted to optimize the site to help his Google organic searches.

To make a long story short, I designed some static blocks for the navigation so that it could be easily updated from the Magento CMS. This solved the UI problem.  I also fixed all of the title tags, meta info, internal links and duplicate text issues the original site had. This helped optimize his site for the search engines.  Here are some pics below (by the way, after optimizing the site, I was able to increase organic traffic and get a few keywords to rank real quick!).

turnlabels turnlabels-seo

3. Air Conditioning And That Summer Heat!

In lieu of this strange summer where it feels like we had more cooler weather than hot; my air conditioner broke! Yup, it was one of those very few days this past summer where the heat was blaring! Nothing beats trying to be productive when its 100 degrees outside and your trapped in a room with no fan, 3 computer monitors, 2 computers, and some dj equipment all running at the same damn time! Luckily I was referred to this great AC repair man named Amir who came the same day to fix it.  We got to talking and, as it turns out, much of his business is drawn from SEO.  It only took about a 30 minute conversation with this guy til I found myself a new client.  He was dominating on residential appliance repair and wanted to start conquering the commercial appliance repair market, specifically commercial refrigeration repair.  Here’s a snap of the site design.


I do have a few more projects in the works, but I’ll save them for another blog post when everything is completed.  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the web designs.  Hit me up if you ever need any web design and online marketing help!