Recapping Last Week: Coke, Mcfly’s, #Hastags, GOTG, and Ron’s Back!

I spent last week I was on a deserted island.  …well not really, it was the Bahamas and I was on vacation. However, it felt like a deserted island because the internet SUCKED at my hotel.  While it is great to feel disconnected from the world, it was kind of difficult to keep up with pop culture. I sure did miss a lot of trivial, yet entertaining, stuff last week.

With that being said, I found some inspiration for a new weekly post entitled “Recapping Last Week” where I feature some of the cool stuff I find on the interweb’s and showcase it on my site at the end of the week (just in case you missed it).

Here’s some of the cool stuff I found last week (I know it’s Monday, but I wasn’t around Friday so I might as well do it today)!

5. Coke’s solution to end social media

We are all social media addicts.  Let’s face it, it’s a disease. Some of us have it so bad that our smart phones might as well be glued to our hands.  Coca-Cola created a social media guard to put the “social” back in your life.  Peep the video!

4. Nike selling Marty McFly power laces in 2015

Admit it, you know you wanted a pair of self tying laces the first time you saw them on Back to the Future II.  Well, it’s being invented! Hopefully this time, the kicks won’t cost your first born. Here’s the excerpt from Sole Collector:

During an appearance at the Jordan Brand’s Flight Lab space in New Orleans earlier today, designer Tinker Hatfield was asked about the possibility of seeing power lacing next year, and his answer may surprise you.

“Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!” said Hatfield.

3. Jimmy Falon & Jona Hill #Hashtag2

Last week was the start of Jimmy Falon’s era hosting The Tonight Show.  I heard he killed it and the guest’s from the show have been pretty amazing. Here’s a clip for #hashtag2 with Jona Hill. I felt that the first Hashtag with Justin Timberlake was much funnier, but I found this pretty entertaining.

2. Marvel’s Gardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s next big production is set to release in August and here’s the first trailer for the movie. I’m not really expecting too much, considering I know nothing about this comic, but it’s looking pretty interesting.  Besides, it’s nice to see a super hero movie that isn’t taking itself too seriously.

1. Anchorman 2 being re-released as rated “R”

I think this was my highlight of pop culture last week.  When news broke, I was ecstatic! Anchorman 2 is re-releasing this Friday for 1 week only!  It will feature 763 new jokes and it’s rated “R” so you can only expect it to be funnier than it’s predecessor.  Here’s the trailer.

That’s it for last week.  Come back this Friday for this week’s recap!