Recently Featured on Top SEO Pages Australia


I’m totally super stoked! I was recently published on a industry leading website. It goes to show that sharing some of my online marketing flatulence is being recognized.

A few weeks ago I was asked to share some of my online marketing expertise for a very successful Australian SEM site called Top SEO Pages. In the piece I explain the value of maintaining a fresh email list.

Most people have dismissed email as an online marketing strategy.  However that is quite the contrary. Email is more alive than ever and should be considered the backbone to every online marketing strategy. I support my mini thesis by arguing 3 main points. The first being that it’s free marketing, second being that numbers don’t lie and third being assessing true value.

If you have a second, please check out the article. I took a screenshot of it below. You can click on the image or click hear to read my amazing article about the proven value of email marketing. I hope you enjoy the read.  Let me know what you think!

value of email marketing