Some Recent Website Designs

It’s been a while since I showcased some of the new website designs that me and my team at Square 1 Group have created. Today I want to give you a peek under the hood and showcasing some of them.

There is currently a design guideline called Material Design that outlines the new look and feel of websites. You’ve probably seen it but never really realized it. Popularized by Google, the UI/UX designs are all over their interface.  The layouts are clean, the interfaces are easy to navigate and the experience is great for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This design experience has become the new standard in all over the web.  I have a few websites that are currently in the final stages of launch that have really great design.  Check them out!

Kush Queen

Los Angeles is a hub of a myriad of industries, and Kush Queen has been active in many of them. With over 15 years of experience in cannabis, beauty, film, television, and music culture, Kush Queen is a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of many.

Founder of Kush Queen, a cannabis luxury lifestyle brand, which had led her to launch her talk show, The Kush Queen Show, on Breal TV in 2010. The Kush Queen Show aspires to empower women bringing forward topics in cannabis, sex, relationships, health, beauty, music, film/tv, munchies, weed strain reviews and many other topics. She’s hosted a number of female guest Dj’s, artists and personalities weekly. Kush Queen quickly formed a large fan base that tuned in eagerly each week, participating in the live web chat rooms and feeling as if they were a part of the show. (read more about her here).

Dora Caine

Dora Craine has been a licensed Realtor for 17 years. For nearly two decades, she has continued to serve clients with professionalism and dedication. Dora is a Realtor at Key’s & Capital Global Realty, a Katy-based boutique real estate agency.
Her current website doesn’t very flattering but check out in the next few weeks for her upcoming launch.

Dory Jane

Dory Jane is a marajuana e-commerce website based in Orange County.  I don’t really have a brief on them because they’re still working on setting up their about section and products.  The site will be launching soon so check out for updates to their launch.
I hope you enjoy the new layouts!  In the future, if you ever need any help with website design or would like to knock a few ideas off of me for an approach to building out a website, you know how to reach me.  Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me about what you like and what you hate with website designs in general.  I’m curious to hear what bugs ya so I don’t make the same mistake!
…til the next post!