Using Speech-to-text to Create Blog Posts


I like to think I have this pretty cool website. The thing is I suck at curating content. The problem is, it take so incredibly fvcking long to create a blog post. If you have a website with a blog then I’m sure you can sympathize with me. If you don’t, then imagine yourself back in high-school or college writing a 3 to 5 page paper. Did you remember how hard it was to BS a paper that long? That’s like writing a blog post.

I’ve been doing some self-reflecting lately in trying to come up with a way to post more efficiently which would allow me to post more frequently. I had an epiphany when I was on the toilet (because you know… it’s one of the best places to think). The idea was, “Times of really changed I’m sure the speech-to-text technology out there is a little more intuitive now. I’m sure there has to be an easy way to create blog posts using speech-to-text technology.” So I figure, why not make a strictly speech-to-text blog post and tell you about some of the trials and tribulations of this journey.

Windows Speech Recognition: Application Trial and Error


After doing some Google crate digging I was able to find a few tidbits to get me into the right direction. Thankfully I’m not the first person that thought of this idea and other people on the web came up with solutions to this issue.

Azden boom mic to my computer I decided to give it a shot as my first attempt. It took about 2 hours to set up the computer up, get the microphone in place and to learn my voice patterns. When I was finally up and ready to get started dictating my first post I opened up a word pad and began talking to the computer. The results we’re very disappointing.

I had to literally screamed into my microphone just for the Windows system to pick up what I’m saying. The crappy part of this experience was it completely butchered all of the things I was saying! “Hello this is a test” came out as “Gary Payton flight path”.  I wish I took a screenshot to show you the proof.

I spent more time trying to get it to correct my speech than actually coming up with a concrete post. After about another hour of tinkering with it I gave up in trash this idea.

Google For The Win!

I did some more digging and as it turns out the Google voice recognition on my phone was actually pretty good. It took about about 10 minutes. Aside from a few punctuation and grammatical errors, I was able to pump this post out.

Cross Platform Conundrum: Getting from Phone to Computer


Now a new problem arose. How do I get my dictated blog post from my phone into my computer and eventually onto my site. After doing more Google crate digging I realized I can use Evernote. I would take my post to on my phone’s Evernote then sync it to my computer Evernote. From there I would simply need to fix the punctuation and a few sentences to make sure they flow right. I can then copy and pasted into my WordPress blog and add some photos for good measure. After messing around for a few minutes I was able to get make it work pretty seamlessly. The finished product is what you’re reading now.

The Wrap-up

All-in-all this was a pretty convenient and easy experience. This whole process took me only about 20 minutes. This is seriously game-changing and increases my productivity in terms of writing blog posts tremendously. You best believe that in the future I’m definitely going to try to post more blogs using the strategy. I recommend it to any of you that have blogs.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear some of your feedback. PS technology is awesome!
Update October 18,2016 – Make sure you proofread your work thoroughly after trying this.  I just reread the post and I found a whole bunch of additional grammatical errors I didn’t catch yesterday. Ops! Sorry about that! Mah-engerish-nat-dat-baud.