Vape Needs for Vape Fien’s


Personally I don’t Vape, but I sure as hell have a lot of friends that do.  If you’re a fan to the flavored e-cig craze, then here are my recommendations/endorsements for some consummate Vape establishments to delight your vice.


If you are NOT a Los Angeles local, then I recommend you visit the hommie’s at Supreme Vapors.  They are an online store selling some of the the finest “organic” e-juice and e-liquid on the market.  They also still have plenty of inventory left for some of those hard to find customizable devices, drip tips, and tanks.


If you are an LA resident, then here is my  approbation.  Take a drive down to Glendale, CA and visit the hommie’s at Vape X.  They’re located on Brand and Maple.  They have a wide selection of Vape juice along with some customizable tips and plenty of great inventory.  They also have some of the most competitive prices.  If you make your way over, tell them I said hello. They’ll hook you up!