Video Recap: Recent Website Projects

From consulting to handling point, I have my hand in quite a few projects over the past several years. I’m not only talking about building websites.  I’m talking about producing some really amazing events and quarterbacking some really insane deals. Sadly I’ve done a sh*t shameful job of showcasing them.

In a generation where affluent success is a byproduct of sharable content, I figure I need to set my game up. With that being said, I plan start sharing more of my successful endeavors (minus a few limitations because of those BS NDA agreements).

To start, I’d like to share a video recap I created a few weeks ago showcasing some of the cool website projects completed by my company, Square 1 Group, last year.  Unfortunately I can’t show everything because the video would be an hour long and I would probably get sued because I’m not allowed to say I was a part of several of these projects.  Oh well, no biggie.  Here are some of the nice ones I’ve cherrypicked.

If you want to check out the live sites yourself, I’ve posted the links below (BTW, if you’re a client and you’re reading this, you’re welcome for the SEO juice):

No one website project is ever the same. The cool part about working on projects like these are there is always something new to learn.  One big take away I have is to, “put your head down and grind out the work.” Every big project has it’s ups and downs but I’ve learned that if you just break down the project into small tasks and grind out the work, you’ll be finished before you know it.  You’ll have a new project to notch on your belt and a happy client with a completed project.

If you ever need (or know of anyone that needs) website or online marketing assistance, please feel free to reach out! Check back for another new post soon!


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